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    Todd B. Todd B.
    1 Hello, my name is Todd and I have a comic on sale now via Comixology. It's called Guardians, it's a super hero comic with a twist. The link is below if you'd like to check it out. We're also on Facebook, be sure to check out our page and "like" us. Also if you help spread the word about Guardians you might get a free copy of the next issue! I hope you'll enter the world of Guardians, see you there!

    9 months ago
    Jesse C.
    2 Contact us about our new bloggerdise.com ambassador program.

    9 months ago
    Aaron Aaron
    3 Since the 2008 recession, qualifying for a bank loan has been onerous task; applicants are expected to provide collateral, present established business financials, and have a healthy, sustained relationship with the bank. For emerging entrepreneurs, these qualifications are harder to satisfy. http://www.crowdclan.com/has-crowdfunding-become-the-ideal-bank-loan-alternative/

    10 months ago
    Aaron Aaron
    4 Has Crowdfunding Inspired a New Age of Entrepreneurs? http://www.crowdclan.com/crowdfunding-for-entrepreneurs/

    10 months ago
    Elyse O.
    6 Pls. come see what's new in my shop @....etsy.com

    a year ago
    Lavonnia A. Lavonnia A.
    7 Looking to do product reviews and book reviews on our blog. You may email us with any questions either by using the contact form on the blog or the message on Examiner at http://www.examiner.com/product-reviews-in-chattanooga/lavonnia-allisonburres. You may also email lavonnia1978@....com

    a year ago
    Beem W. Beem W.
    8 I will gladly provide a free PDF of my novel Jazz Baby to anyone interested in writing a review. Thank you to those who have already posted reviews.

    a year ago
    Mary Ann B. Mary Ann B.
    9 I will provide a Kindle copy of The Briton and the Dane: Concordia for bloggers interested in reviewing the book. Thank you for your interest.

    a year ago
    D.H. N. D.H. N.
    10 I will provide free copies of Wormwood to any bloggers that are interested in reviewing it. Also, I love to provide free copies for giveaways.

    Wormwood is a post-apocalyptic paranormal with half-angels, demons, love and deceit. Kali is saved from the apocalypse by Tiamat, a half-angel tasked with cleansing the Earth of all humans. Plagued by a legion of Nephilim hell bent on sending her on, Kali is forced to trust the one creature who could prove to be her greatest enemy.

    “I have never read a story quite like this. I want you to read it like I did. Unprepared and wide-eyed. Beyond 5 stars.” – FUOnlyKnew Book Reviews
    "Nevins' novel dives into a journey befitting its laudable female protagonist... with zeal and no reservations." –KIRKUS REVIEWS

    a year ago
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