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Renee B. Renee B.
1 I am looking for work at home business to review... you can contact me at thesmartwomansbusinesssolution@....com These interviews are done on hangouts on air live

a week ago
Niki H. Niki H.
2 I would love to review your product for you on my blog http://makeupmama2three.blogspot.com/ or you can contact me by email at NikiMith@....com

6 months ago
Gloria M.
3 Hello! My name is Gloria and am the owner of Gloria's Bits and Pieces (http://kngmckellar-glorias.blogspot.com/). I'm very anxious to review any family friendly product to let my readers know about! I am new at Bloggerdise and am very excited!

Please let me know if you have a product that you would like to be reviewed! I could also do a giveaway for your product and would require that you send the prize to the winner. Thank you!

a year ago
Sarah B. Sarah B.
4 Hey!!

My names Sarah and I blog over at www.lifeinabreakdown.com I am a mid 20s blogged from England, and live with my partner Ash, he and our pets (1 dog, 2 hamsters) are often found 'guest staring' on my blog.

I love to review and promote products from big and small business, teaming up with other bloggers or brands is a great love of mine. I also adore holding giveaways and getting to know my readership. I think communication between all is important and can help build a base that is really successful.

If you think you have something I might like please shoot me an email anytime - sarah@....com

Sarah :) Xx

a year ago
Debbie M.
5 Hi!! I am Debbie the owner of My empty nest (http://www.debbie-myemptynest.blogspot.com) I am always willing to review just about any product that is family friendly and appeals to most of my readers. I enjoy reviewing and giveaways. always give honest thought and opinion of all products tested :) Trying to build my audience up so please consider me :)

2 years ago
Latina R. Latina R.
6 Hello all, we love to help consumers with purchasing options. Check out . . .our featured reviews and giveaways http://ow.ly/bcGpSAlso Also check out our upcoming giveaways http://ow.ly/bdKJq Interested in networking? Feel free to contact http://naturalhairlatina.blogspot.com/p/sponsorship-contact.html

2 years ago
Stella O. Stella O.
7 Hi everyone, I am the author of the inspirational book, Winning Formulas. I would really love to have your reviews. Please visit my book sites for more information. http://www.winningformulascom.com, http://www.amazon.com/winning-formulas-stella-oladiran/dp/1456781391/ref

2 years ago
Terri B. Terri B.
8 I am the owner of Terri's Little Haven (http://www.terrislittlehaven.com). I love doing fun product reviews and hosting giveaways of just about any family friendly product. I will ask that you send a full product to review instead of a sample. I don't send items to the winner. I live in hicksville and it would take me a day or two to get to the Post Office via old Betsy :). I've had my current website for 5 years but I've been blogging online for approximately 11 years. Stats are available on my site (http://www.terrislittlehaven.com/pr-friendly). Thank you for your consideration.

2 years ago
Kevin L. Kevin L.
9 Id love to help others promote their company's and brands. We work hard promoting and simply love it. You can find us at http://linkiescontestlinkies.blogspot.com. If you are looking for men to promote and try your products then this is a + as we are a 2 male household.

Contact directly at Kevin.Linkie@....com

2 years ago
Victoria M. Victoria M.
10 I am looking for products to review on my blog. Easy2Save http://www.easy2save.blogspot.com Contact easy2save@....com Thank You

2 years ago
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