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Reviews and Giveaways
Looking for products to review and giveaways. http://www.bitoeverything.com does reviews on products of all sorts, books, parenting, pregnancy, infants, toddlers, cosmetics and many other types....

Expires 12/31/2016

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Marie L.
1 Please join or subscribe to my blog for author interviews, guest posts and poetry spotlights. http://marielavender.blogspot.com/

10 months ago
Carrie F. Carrie F.
2 I love to read paranormal and have a fabulous blog if your a paranormal author come check out my blog. Maybe I can review your book for my blog (also goodreads and amazon) so stop on my by. I a, in the middle of holding contest to help me think of email but, PLZ stop by and check it out!

a year ago
Vicki H. Vicki H.
3 We bring readers and authors together who love historical romance novels. Authors are welcome to promote books and guest blog for free. We also tour host for a variety of book blogs. If you love romance from the ages past, this is the blog for you. http://historicalromancebooks.blogspot.com

a year ago
D.H. N. D.H. N.
4 I will provide free copies of Wormwood to any bloggers that are interested in reviewing it. Also, I love to provide free copies for giveaways.

Wormwood is a post-apocalyptic paranormal with half-angels, demons, love and deceit. Kali is saved from the apocalypse by Tiamat, a half-angel tasked with cleansing the Earth of all humans. Plagued by a legion of Nephilim hell bent on sending her on, Kali is forced to trust the one creature who could prove to be her greatest enemy.

“I have never read a story quite like this. I want you to read it like I did. Unprepared and wide-eyed. Beyond 5 stars.” – FUOnlyKnew Book Reviews
"Nevins' novel dives into a journey befitting its laudable female protagonist... with zeal and no reservations." –KIRKUS REVIEWS

a year ago
Olga Núñez M. Olga Núñez M.
5 I also have a series of three novellas 'Escaping Psychiatry' about a psychiatrist/writer (Mary. By the way, I'm also a psychiatrist) who gets involved in a variety of cases. In 'Cannon Fodder' she's asked by her lawyer friend, Phil, to assess a young man Cain White who has been accused of creating a riot in church for saying that he can hear God and God is black. Although she concludes he is not mentally ill, many secrets come to light. 'Teamwork' is a police/procedural novella where Mary is asked to help young detective who witnessed the shooting of his partner and ersatz father. What appears to be a straight forward case of grief ends up being much more complicated than that. In the third in the series 'Memory' Mary herself disappears from her flat and when the police finally finds her, several days later, she's lost her memory and is not aware of the ordeal she has survived.
I've had giveaways for 'Cannon Fodder' and 'Teamwork' but would be consider offers or copies of PDFs to interested reader/reviewers

a year ago
Olga Núñez M. Olga Núñez M.
6 Hi all: I was just alerted to this awesome resource. I've published several books. I'll post separately about them.
I've published a novel called 'The Man Who Never Was', a humorous family saga (West Wing meet the Simpsons), with quirky characters (a very ugly boy called Jesús, who is so ugly his family believe a demonic fate awaits him, his sister who is a child prodigy and can read the future, his unknown father, his best friend who becomes the most important businesswoman in the country...) set up in the world of politics. A political satire that also delves in the world of cinema, big business, technology, International relations and art, it's fast paced and all but common-place. Also available in Spanish version ('El hombre que nunca existió'
I had a recent a free giveaway in January of the novel both in Spanish and English, but would be happy to consider offer of discounted price or PDF copies if there is interest.

a year ago
Eileen T. Eileen T.
7 “I hope we’re going to have enough food.”
Connie swept into the large banqueting hall of London’s prestigious Royale Hotel, clutching an elaborately decorated cake high above her head. If she held her arms any lower, she would trip over the flounced hem of her long dress.
“What’re you talking about?” Lucy gestured towards the table. “We’ve mountains of food. I think you’re forgetting we only have five people on our books; the four of us, who set up the whole thing in the first place plus my elderly aunt and she only joined for a laugh.”
“Yes, I know all that,” Connie huffed. “But don’t you see, this is what the launch is all about – getting more people to join and…” Unfortunately at that point, she trod on the hem of her dress and stumbled forward. The cake wobbled dangerously in her outstretched arms while she fought to regain her balance.

Divorcees.Biz on Amazon.


a year ago
Elaine M P. Elaine M P.
8 My website http://www.ebooksforthefamily.com is looking for a guest author to feature their family friendly book on my site. (This is a book feature exchange to feature one of my books on your website or blog as well:)
Thanks Elaine M Phillips

a year ago
Bieke P. Bieke P.
9 Check out my blog for Book reviews, Book teasers, upcoming books and more! http://bookaddictbieke.blogspot.be

a year ago
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