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***Easy2Save Blog Reviews***
Easy2Save Blog Reviews http://www.easy2save.blogspot.com I am interested in many things including Beauty Products, Household/Décor and more....

Expires 09/20/2014

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1 I just came across new frugal living blog http://www.couponcodeslady.com, Its really great source for money saving deals.

a year ago
Krisha S. Krisha S.
2 Hi my name is Krisha Stanworth and i've never blogged before. I would like to say hi to everyone. i am a first time author and my book is due for release. Grass and then there were tree's. An horific journey and an heart breaking out come. I never knew I could write but i was soon to learn differently..

a year ago
Sarah B. Sarah B.
3 Hey!!

My names Sarah and I blog over at www.lifeinabreakdown.com I am a mid 20s blogged from England, and live with my partner Ash, he and our pets (1 dog, 2 hamsters) are often found 'guest staring' on my blog.

I love to review and promote products from big and small business, teaming up with other bloggers or brands is a great love of mine. I also adore holding giveaways and getting to know my readership. I think communication between all is important and can help build a base that is really successful.

If you think you have something I might like please shoot me an email anytime - sarah@....com

Sarah xx

a year ago
Francisca R.
4 Hello Blogorama Bonanza Back to School event, will start on August 20-28, 2012. I will be hosting this event with two co' hosts and consists of 150 bloggers. We would like to work with you, as one of our sponsors. Would you like to sponsor for this event? We will be linking to each other, so the products and company will be getting a lot of exposure. This is a big event with many sponsoring companies. You would provide a product for review and another, as a giveaway for one of the readers. After the giveaway ends, you would ship the prize to the winner.

Your products will gain a lot of publicity to their website. We will also provide additional online and social media exposure for their brand or product. We will include the company logo, the product name, review information, images, the price of the item, and a link to where the products can be purchased and your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Visit us at http://www.jylasthreeofusgiveaway.org. Email your inquires to blogoramabonanza@....com.

2 years ago
Ken M. Ken M.
5 Hi, My name is Ken & I write funny, contemporary fantasy. The sequel to Dark Tidings is due to be published in the next month or so... I'm keen to get as many reviews as possible for the first book before then.

Do you do reviews? Do you enjoy a laugh... and do you want to get inside a thousand year old conspiracy? What really happens when ancient magic meets the Internet... there's only one way to find out.

If you are interested, please drop me an email... ken.magee@....com

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

2 years ago
Anna G. Anna G.
6 Sponsors , I Would Love To Do Reviews and Giveaways On My blog For My Readers and Feature Your Product. I Have 2,000 Facebook Fans & 1,3000 Twitter Fans.
My Blog - http://www.couponanna.com/
My Email - iggy2925@....com.
Thank You, Anna Garcia

2 years ago
Helen L. Helen L.
7 A GAL NEEDS...Your Product! If I feature you, you can be sure that it has received my Gal Pal thumbs up! Blogging since January 2010, I feature thorough, photo-filled reviews and giveaways along with thoughts on health & beauty, fashion, noteworthy news and life in general! Please take a look at my blog and see if we would be a good fit!

2 years ago
Charlotte D. Charlotte D.
8 Hi I'm Charlotte, I'm a 20 year old Plus Size Fashion Blogger from England. My blog has been running for a year in June, Sugar & Spice has nearly reached 300 followers in that time, 188 followers on Facebook & 142 twitter followers. I have great feedback from my blog, facebook page & twitter. Anything that you may think relates to me and my blog don't hesitate to contact me about advertising space or reviews :) www.charlotte-sugarandspice.blogspot.co.uk

2 years ago
Jen L. Jen L.
9 Want your product reviewed in a not so ordinary but effective manner? Visit us at Simple Abundance! We also offer giveaways and sponsored posts, and are open to just about every category! Our audience is mostly female, aged 20-35 with children. They're a very eccentric and sometimes eco-conscious bunch. I'd love to share YOUR product with them! Please contact me today at Iadoreyouu@....com or http://www.butiadoreyouu.blogspot.com

2 years ago
Cathy B. Cathy B.
10 HI hi !!! I have been blogging for the past few months now and i love it! I have gotten good feed back from my followers =). I blog about beauty and do product reviews. I do make up looks, nail designs and do reviews weekly on products i purchase and receive. My reviews are very detailed and thorough as well as my opinion is always 100% honest! If you think that my blog is the right place for your products to be review/sponsor giveaway please give my site a glance and contact me .

Blog: http://hiiyooitscat.blogspot.com/
Email: Hiiyooitscat@....com

2 years ago
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